Living Benefits

We know that at the top of your priority list is being able to provide for your family, now and in the future. When the unexpected happens, you'll be glad we helped you plan ahead.

We challenge you to answer these questions for yourself:
Is my income protected if I cannot work?

Will my family be safe and secure financially if I die or cannot work?
• Am I covered if I'm suddenly faced with large medical bills to support a medical recovery?
• Do I have the resources to fund in-home support, emergency renovations, or complex medical prescriptions?
• What changes would my family have to make in their lives if I need to rely on them for support?
• How would the above impact my family's financial future and long-term goals?

At Plume Financial, we can help you select from a range of insurance and coverages, including disability, health and dental, travel, critical illness, long term disability.

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